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Dissociative (Non-Epileptic) Attacks is a website launched in February 2011 all about non-epileptic attacks. Its written by a clinical team in Sheffield UK and has lots of useful information







The Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder Trust (NEAD trust) is a new organisation with a growing range of useful resources for patients including a forum.


NEAD Scotland also has useful information for patients including a live chat room and forum. Again the emphasis on this website is more on psychological factors and trauma than on my own but there is much common ground




Disociativní záchvaty Funkcni porchy hybnosti Dissociation Self Help for Panic Self Help for Anxiety

With grateful thanks to Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust for permission

Self Help for Health Anxiety Self Help for Depression Complex Regional Pain Article Chronická bolest hlavy Practical Neurology Article Funkcní slabost

Dissociation / Depersonalisation


Wikipedia – not always reliable but as of Sep 2008 the page is helpful


the “Depersonalisation Research Unit” in London


These booklets are also from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust and may be helpful depending on circumstances. Please scroll down to find the correct booklet

Controlling Anger Self Harm Bereavement Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms Previous Abuse Domestic Violence Weight Problems Anorexia/Bulilmia Post Traumatic Symptoms Shyness/ Social Anxiety Alcohol Problems Sleep Problems

If you cannot open these files (pdf files) then you will need Acrobat Reader. 


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Click on Stories to read personal accounts of living with functional and dissociative symptoms

Click here to see a video of someone having a

dissociative seizure (5.5MB)


the video shows a lady having an EEG. She is being asked to hyperventilate and lights are flashing to attempt to induce an attack during the recording


From Benbadis -Neurology, Nov 2004; 63: 1728 - 1730




If you would like to print a poster advertising the website for your clinic room, waiting room or ward area then you can download an A4 poster here

Neurosymptoms Poster

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Non-Epileptic Attacks

Information about non-epileptic attacks

Debt problems

These other leaflets may be of help too


 As a doctor I cannot unfortunately be responsible for a chat room on this website.

There are however separate facebook pages about functional and dissociative neurological symptoms which have been started by patients with these symptoms. You can find them at



there is also a blog about functional weakness at


and a forum at


I am not part of these groups and am therefore not responsible for their content but I hope they are helpful


Dr Jon Stone

Funkční a disociativní neurologické symptomy: průvodce pro pacienty

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